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Scott Management Company believes in helping HOAs become communities where people feel safe and happy. Developing a community means bringing people from different backgrounds together, forging relationships based on living in the same neighborhood. As property managers, we build relationships with the homeowners, and work to construct high quality of life for all community members.

Suburban Homes
Apartment Building

Scott Management Company supports HOA Board of Directors by communicating efficiently and providing services needed in their communities. 

We are always looking to connect and work with new clients. Scott Management Company believes in providing professional services to community members. Our clients trust us to work efficiently, affectively, and respectfully. Submit your association proposal and work with us today.


We manage a portfolio of apartments in Southern California. Scott Management Company's work with apartments adds value to property owner's apartment investment. Our services provided are professional and respectful towards all managerial and resident parties.

Multi Storey Building
Modern Apartment Block

Scott Management Company values its ethics. We implement honesty, integrity, patience, and kindness in our work. From assisting HOA Board of Directors to submitting work orders for their properties, we provide quality management to the properties we work with in Southern California. Our property knowledge proves significant in times of stress and discomfort. If you're looking for a steadfast management company, submit your proposal today.


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